Using Text Blast Software to Quickly Reach Your Audience

How Text Blast Software Can Help You Reach Your Audience

Mobile phones are no longer considered optional by most people in the United States. People rely on their connected devices for everything. Phones give information, direction, advice, fulfill business needs, and help us keep in touch with friends and family.

In fact, according to recent studies, 96% of Americans own a cellphone of some kind, and 81% of those are smartphones.

Savvy business owners have realized that text blasts provide a massive opportunity to reach large segments of their audience on their phones. The average smartphone user will unlock their phone 150 times each day — giving you 150 chances to be noticed every day by your target audience!

What Is a Text Blast?

A text blast is a text message (SMS or MMS) that is sent from a single source to a large group of people simultaneously.

For example, a clothing store may send a message to their subscribers like this:


Why Should I Use SMS Text Blasts?

Businesses of all kinds have found text blasts to be one of the most effective ways to connect with customers, raise brand awareness, and increase conversions.

  • Retail businesses send messages that encourage in-store or online purchases.
  • Restaurants use texting to stay top-of-mind and encourage loyal customers to bring friends or come in during slow times.
  • Local governments use text blasts to communicate with residents about events or in emergency situations — the town of Searcy, Arkansas used texting to win a Hulu Show!
  • Businesses of all kinds are using texting to recruit new employees.
  • Churches and other religious organizations use text blasts to communicate with their members.
  • Service-based businesses use texting to send appointment reminders to customers.

Some organizations have tried to use messaging apps as a substitute for sending SMS texts. However, the problem with instant messaging apps is deliverability. 

Even the best messaging apps have limits on the number of contacts that can be sent a message at the same time. Plus, everybody that’s subscribed to receive messages from an organization using a messaging system, like Facebook Messenger, must have that particular app downloaded and have internet access to receive messages.

Why Are SMS Text Blasts so Effective?

Mobile marketing with SMS text blasts is effective because text messages are intimate and immediate. Most people reach for their phones as soon as they hear that familiar chime of an incoming message.

These statistics from SMS Comparison speak for themselves:

  • 9 out of 10 consumers want a business to communicate via text message — including sending alerts, back-and-forth conversations, and reminders.
  • 75% of consumers say that they want to have special offers sent to them through text messages. Additionally, the click-thru-rate for these messages is significantly higher — 9.18% for texts compared to Facebook at 0.90% and Google Adwords at 1.91%.
  • 64% of customers are more likely to perceive a business positively when they have communicated with them directly.
  • 50% of consumers prefer text messaging for customer support instead of phone calls. US consumers are five times more likely to send and receive a text than a phone call.
  • Consumers open 98% of text messages and respond to 95% of them within 3 minutes of being delivered — compared to emails that only have a 20% open rate.

SMS marketing uses a channel that people are comfortable using. You do not need any special technical skills to send a text message. 

People tend to reach for their mobile device when they hear it chime. You don’t have to design a creative advertisement or write an attention-grabbing headline to get your message read.

How Do I Send a Text Blast?

A text marketing service is one of the easiest ways to send a text blast. You sign up for an account, set up a few options, import your list of subscribers, and you’re ready to compose your first message.

At EZ Texting, we allow you to sign up for a free trial to test out the platform. We load your account with 100 text message credits so you can see for yourself how easy it is to use our software to meet your needs.

If you like us and want to keep going, you have a variety of payment options — from pay-as-you-go to enterprise and everything in between.

Once you’ve created an account, you can log in and get started.


Your dashboard gives you quick access to essential statistics like unread messages, scheduled messages that were sent, new contacts that were added, and the number of people that unsubscribed or opted-out.

Once you sign up for a free trial, you can quickly upload your list of contacts, write your first message, and click send. Within minutes, your message will be received and read by your contacts. Their replies will be delivered right back into your EZ Texting Inbox for you to read and respond to as well.

What Can I Do With EZ Texting’s Text Marketing Software?

Our mobile marketing software has features that make it easier to learn, cheaper to use, and more effective for your campaigns. The main features that our customers enjoy the most include:

Templates: You can save your sent messages as a template that can be easily reused again for future messages so you save time when you’re launching recurring campaigns.

Contact Groups: You can divide your contacts into relevant groups to allow you to send messages targeted directly at that group. Segmenting your audience improves your subscriber’s experience, and it saves you money since you’re only sending messages to the people most likely to engage with them.

Include Images, Videos, and Audio: You can increase the impact of your messages by including rich and interactive media through our MMS technology.

Personalization: You can personalize your messages by including the recipient’s name in the message and foster a deeper relationship between them and your brand.

Tiny URLs: Text messages are short — less than 150 characters — so we help you get more space for your message by shortening your links into tiny URLs.

To see more, click here to view our full list of features.

How Do I Know That Text Blasts Will Work for My Business?

Every business is different, but with the right strategy, most businesses see some pretty amazing results from their texting campaigns.

However, like most new marketing strategies, the easiest way to find out if something will work for you is to try it for yourself and monitor your results. 

  1. Sign up for a free trial
  2. Take a quick video tour of the software and learn how to use it
  3. Talk to our textperts to get some free advice

Our team will be able to answer any questions about any rules and regulations and offer tips about the best way to generate engagement when sending a text message blast from a computer.



Don’t wait until your competitors outpace you.

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Learn how to use text marketing to engage with your audience in the easiest and most effective way possible.


We use EZ Texting to administer a portion of our nutrition coaching…We have found that sending it right to them, eliminating the login or check your email step, has improved our read rate and adherence by at least 60%. In health and fitness, that’s the name of the game!

Jaclyn Weber
Marketing Director
Faithfully Fit



Learn how to use text marketing to engage with your audience in the easiest and most effective way possible.


Fidelis Freight

The trucking industry is struggling to recruit and retain long-haul truckers. Fidelis Freight has found that text message marketing is great for helping attract employees and fulfill carrier loads. Through text, candidates are reaching out for next steps, requesting job applications, and joining the workforce at a far faster rate than ever before.

Aeroflow Healthcare

By implementing EZ Texting, Aeroflow has been able to improve the team’s efficiency, increase patient happiness, and add to the company's bottom line. After automating verification requests, renewal reminders, and order confirmations via text, Aeroflow employees have gotten back the time they needed to complete other tasks.

Big Brother Big Sister Foundation

EZ Texting’s communication platform has enabled BBSF to increase donation volume and efficiency. Since text open rates are 6X greater than email open rates, donors receiving text outreach have proved more likely to see and respond to text communications, resulting in higher donation volume.

Emails: 20% Open Rate, Slow Response Times

Social Media: Costly, Low Engagement

Texts: 90% Opened in 1st 3 Mins, Inexpensive


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