Text Messaging Service for Nonprofits

It Comes Down to Features and Price, Right?

Finding the right text messaging service for your nonprofit basically comes down to features and price, right?


You need a text messaging service that can help your nonprofit get fantastic results quickly, easily, and at a great price so you can spend less time marketing and more time doing the important work you do.

We've helped over 160,000 customers grow with text marketing over the last decade and we're proud to work with our nonprofit partners who are making the world a better place. We want to help you boost your nonprofit's impact with effective communication, too. Read on to learn how to find and use the best text messaging service for nonprofits.

5 Indicators of the Best Text Messaging Service for Nonprofits:

Finding the right texting service for your nonprofit starts with understanding what distinguishes the great providers from the average ones. Here are five things to look for to find the best services.

1. Ease of Use

Ease of use is one of the most overlooked qualities of nonprofit texting services. You have a lot of work to do, and you don't need to waste time learning a complicated system. You'll likely be cross-training other team members to help with texting campaigns, so the problems associated with confusing software can be compounded. Look for a text messaging service with reviews that highlight user-friendliness, like these from EZ Texting's customers:

It's easy to use. Amazing customer service. The interface is simple and really requires no experience to use it. Just read the directions and start.

Samantha C.

Very user friendly! It was easy to set-up, add phone numbers and send messages.

Erin D.

Compared to other platforms, I was able to just sign up and get going. The interface is very easy to understand, and our office manager was able to get up to speed real quick.

Robert E.

2. Fantastic Support

Just as you offer a valuable service to those in need, your text messaging service should be there when you need a hand. Make sure to find a provider whose support team is friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive. The day will come when you'll be glad you did. Here are some examples of 3rd party reviews of our customer support.

I actually made a mistake while importing my first round of contacts and I contacted EZ Texting via chat. They immediately helped me out and even gave me a credit to help fix my issue!

Erin D.

The once or twice I've needed to contact support I received help immediately.

G2 Crowd Reviewer

Lots of good features but the best is that they have a very responsive chat support to answer all my questions.

G2 Crowd Reviewer

The tech support folks are super kind and attentive.

 G2 Crowd Reviewer

The support is unmatched! Loved the customer service.

G2 Crowd Reviewer

If the service you're considering doesn't have reviews like this, keep looking.

3. A Good Track Record with Nonprofits

Nonprofit marketers face different problems than other types of marketers. You have different regulations to adhere to and you have to pull different psychological levers to get people to take action. It's important to find a service provider that knows the challenges you face and how to overcome them through text messaging. Look for a text messaging service that knows nonprofit marketing.

The best options will have in-depth texting advice for nonprofits, built-in text message templates for nonprofits, and maybe even something like a Nonprofit Text Messaging Playbook. You should also look for reviews from the service's nonprofit customers.

4. Price

Nonprofits often feel a responsibility to cut expenses in every imaginable way, which is understandable. While you do want to look for an affordable service, you may not necessarily want to go with the cheapest. The savings you get up front may cost you more in the long run if you spend a lot of valuable hours trying to use something that doesn't work well. And, you may get stuck with a service that starts off cheap and raises their prices through the roof once they have you locked in.

Look for a text messaging service that is reasonably priced for organizations of all sizes and offers straightforward billing so that you know what you're paying for. See our pricing here.

5. Robust Features

Many nonprofit marketers are surprised by how many things you can do with text messaging. You can poll contacts to learn their preferences, remind volunteers of service opportunities, run text-to-give campaigns, provide member support, and more. Make sure that the service you select has the feature set to put this power in your hands. Check out our features here.

Also, see The 13 Must-Have Features of a Business Text Messaging App.

Practical Uses of Text Message Marketing for Nonprofits

There are many examples of how nonprofit text messaging can be used to advise, engage, and connect. Local action groups can quickly send text messages to their members warning of inclement weather, seek opinions on community issues, or connect with the “Text Generation” when job opportunities exist.

Political parties can use mass texting to advise voters about upcoming meetings, cancellations, or last-minute venue changes. They can seek feedback on proposals, solicit opinions on policies, encourage individuals to become more active in political circles, and encourage supporters to get out and vote on Election Day.

Nonprofit text messaging can have spiritual applications too. Church text messaging can be used to share inspirational Bible passages with their congregations, request prayers for members of their communities, reinforce the message delivered in the previous week's sermon, or prepare their congregations for the following week's sermon.

And, nonprofits of all types can use text messaging as part of their fundraising efforts. 

How a Text Messaging Service for Nonprofits Works

A text messaging service for nonprofits works via an easy-to-use online platform. Organizations wishing to send mass text messages to their members simply register with a text messaging service provider, and the service provider assigns them a username and a password to access the online platform. Once logged in, the user uploads a list of contacts, writes their message, and clicks send.

Within minutes, the organization's members will be reading the message on their mobile devices with delivery rates and open rates recorded by the platform. The platform also receives replies. One of the purposes of these features is so that, in the event of an emergency, organizations can see who has received their message and who needs to be contacted via an alternative channel of communication.


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Nonprofits Already Using EZ Texting´s Text Messaging Service

Big Brother Big Sister Foundation

Big Brother Big Sister Foundation (BBBSF) Executive Director, Steven Beck, is responsible for sourcing the funding needed to deliver on critical mentorship programs to give children facing adversity the same opportunities as their peers. EZ Texting’s communication platform has enabled Steven and his team to increase donation volume and save $200K in 2019 with less time spent coordinating donations.

Read the Case Study.

Water is Basic

Water is Basic was founded to empower the local leadership in Southern Sudan to bring clean water to their people. In Southern Sudan, about 70% of the population does not have adequate access to safe water. Water is Basic was created in collaboration with Sudanese leaders and provides them with the equipment they need to drill wells. It is the organization's vision to see a well drilled in every Sudanese village. Water is Basic uses text messaging to keep donors engaged and raise funds to meet this vital need.

Read the Case Study.


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EZ Texting makes messaging easy to use, easy to train on and has a high return on investment. It presents a new means by which we communicate with a growing segment of our 200k donor base. Great stuff, I highly recommend the platform.

Steven Beck
Executive Director
Big Brother Big Sister Foundation

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Students For The National Equality March

In collaboration with the NoH8 Campaign, March organizers put together a flash protest via text messaging which drew over 1,000 participants almost instantaneously and got the attention of major media outlets like CNN and The New York Times. 

Water Is Basic Mobile

Water is Basic used mass text messaging to activate their donor base in just a few months with a phenomenal response rate of 25%. The nonprofit updates its supporters with a text each time a new well is dug in the Sudan, keeping donors in the loop and excited about the positive impact the organization is making.

Viking Cooking School

Viking Range Corporation, a leading home appliance company, has a cooking school with 16 locations throughout the US. With a smart (and inexpensive) text messaging campaign, Viking Cooking School has filled low-enrollment classes to capacity, earning the nonprofit an amazing ROI.

Emails: 20% Open Rate, Slow Response Times

Social Media: Costly, Low Engagement

Texts: 90% Opened in 1st 3 Mins, Inexpensive


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