The Real Estate Text Message Marketing Playbook

As you know, there is no shortage of real estate agents out there. And in a crowded marketplace, you need to stand out from the crowd.

In order to outpace competitors and sell more homes, choosing and mastering the best marketing channel is critical. That’s why text message marketing is the tool of choice for top real estate agents. It’s the communications channel clients use most and it’s simple, fast, and effective.

98% of all text messages sent from our platform are read by recipients. And 90% are read within the first three minutes. You won’t find numbers anywhere close to that with email, social media, print, or any other marketing channel.

We’ve been leading the text marketing service industry for over a decade. We work with a lot of successful real estate agencies, and we’ve learned which messages and tactics work well and which don’t. Below, check out the top text message marketing "plays" for real estate. Use this special playbook to craft highly engaging and informative text marketing communications to prospects and clients.


15 Text Message Marketing Plays for Real Estate

Here are 15 types of creative text marketing campaigns that your real estate agency can use right now!


Provide a Sneak Peek

1-Interior-PicsA lot of agents have had success by offering an instant sneak peek of the interior of their homes. They simply add a message like this to their yard signs:

Want to see inside? Text ‘111MAIN’ to 474747 to get interior photos instantly.

The instant autoresponse includes several Multimedia Message Service (MMS) files and a note to call or reply with questions.

Promote Open Houses

2-PromoteThere are few things more disappointing to a seller than hosting an open house, and no one shows up. As we mentioned, one of the distinguishing factors for text marketing compared to other channels is that people actually read them when you send them, not hours, days, or weeks later. And timing is critical on open houses. Send out a notice/reminder about your open houses a few hours before the event.

Appointment Reminders

3-AppointmentWe all lead busy lives, and sometimes your clients forget to mark appointments on their calendars. Make sure your buyers and sellers are ready for showings by setting up automated reminders when you put appointments on your calendar. You can also add any special instructions or directions to your reminders to make sure everyone is prepared. There will likely be a lot of appointment reminders to schedule. If you have an office manager, they can take care of this for you. It’ll be worth the effort.

New Listing Alerts

4 New-ListingEveryone knows that the good deals and hot properties go fast. You can advertise your text marketing list as the best way to be the first to see new listings when they hit the market. This is another great opportunity to take advantage of the immediacy of the text message marketing channel. Text messages are the fastest way to get the word out (by a wide margin). Send a note to your email contacts and social followers. “If you want to make sure you’re among the first to know when new properties with your specs hit the market, join our text message list by texting ‘NEWLISTINGS’ to 474747. You’ll be notified within minutes when new homes become available.”

Re-engaging Cold Contacts

5-Re-engageIf you have contacts in your database that haven’t responded in a while, an “are you still interested?” text message may be the trigger that gets them moving again. Or they can tell you they’re not interested, so you can keep your database clean. Setting up a message template to reconnect with cold contacts is super simple. You can set a reminder to send these out once a month during a time when you can respond quickly to replies.

Home Maintenance Tips

6-Home-Maintenance-TipsA lot of realtors have adopted the Keller Williams 33-touch program or something similar because they understand the value of regular engagement with their contacts. One of the easiest ways to do that is to offer seasonal home maintenance tips through text messages. Keep in mind that you can use MMS to provide images or video to make sure your contacts understand how to perform the maintenance correctly and safely. Work with a local professional on these tips and you can cross-promote your services with that specialist.

Welcome Messages

7-WelcomeWhen someone joins your text marketing list, say thanks and let them know how often you’ll be texting. This is a good opportunity to provide a link to a resource which helps them get to know you a little bit. Some agents record a short, 60-second video welcoming contacts to their text list specifically.

Drip Campaigns

8-Drip-CampaignsDo you have an effective strategy to help new contacts understand what sets you apart as a realtor? What kinds of resources does your agency have that they can take advantage of? Setting up automatic text drip campaigns is a great way to quickly educate your contacts. These drip messages can include information about your agency, local pros, buying or selling tips, etc.

Holiday Gifts

9-Holiday-GiftsSome of the most successful realtors give thank you gifts to their clients during the holidays. Text messages are an efficient way to let contacts know that the gift is available at the office or is on the way to their house. To build anticipation, include an image of the gift so clients can get excited about it.

Referral Promotions

10-Referral-PromotionsThriving agencies are built on strong referrals. Be proactive to get those word-of-mouth recommendations moving. If you do good work, your clients will be happy to refer you. They just need a reminder, and maybe a little incentive, to follow through. Consider partnering with a local restaurant or retailer for the gift to make it more personalized.


11-PollsMarkets and preferences shift over time. How do you keep your finger on the pulse of these changes? Sending Short Message Service (SMS) polls can help you follow these shifts and serve your clients better. These are convenient polling methods for your contacts because they’re necessarily quick reads and simple responses with a single word or number.

Agency Coordination

12-Agency-CoordinationHow often and quickly do your agents check their emails? Not as often as they check their texts. If you want to make sure everyone on the team gets the message, create a staff group in your text marketing platform, and send quick notes that you’re sure will get read.

Birthday and Home Sale Anniversaries

13-BirthdayYou know something nobody else knows, and it’s important. You know when your clients got the keys to their house. Sending a note on the anniversary of that special date is a great way to remind your clients of how awesome you are. Some agents include small gifts on these dates as well. This tactic also works well if you know your clients’ birthdays.


14-ContestsShow your contacts how much you appreciate them by conducting occasional contests with good prizes. These contests can work like polls. You can ask for a reply which helps you understand the market better to be entered to win. Consider partnering with a local home maintenance pro to give your contacts a home-related prize and to keep the referral relationship going with the other business.

Review Requests

15-Review-RequestsAre you proactively asking for reviews? If not, you should be. Text messages are a fast and effective way to do that. You can make sure to catch your clients when they’ll have time to write something up. Show appreciation, use a link shortener, and let the contact know where they’ll be leaving the review.

Real Estate Text Message Templates

Here are 15 text message templates you can use to build your own real estate text marketing playbook. Each template is under 160 characters. NOTE: personalization tokens are indicated with {# -- #}.

Real Estate Text Message Templates
Provide a Sneak Peek Thx for your interest in [Address]! Here are some pics of the interior. Call [Phone Number] or reply with questions. - [Realtor Name]
Promote Open Houses Hi {#FirstName#}, we’re hosting an open house [date, time] for a property you’ll be interested in: [Address] Would love to see you! - [Realtor Name]
Appointment Reminders Hi {#FirstName#}, Reminder that we're showing your house [Date, Time]. [Instructions] Look forward to seeing you! - [Realtor Name]
New Listing Alerts NEW LISTING! [Property Highlights] Call [Phone Number] or reply with questions! - [Realtor Name]
Re-engaging Cold Contacts Hi {#FirstName#}, it's been a while since we talked. Are you still interested in [buying/selling] a home? - [Realtor Name]
Home Maintenance Tips HOME MAINTENANCE: It's time to: [Activity]. - [Realtor Name]
Welcome Messages Thx for accepting [Agency Name] texts, {#FirstName#}! Expect texts [Daily, Weekly, etc.] and learn more about us here: [Shortened Link]
Drip Campaigns Did you know? [Agency Name] offers [Info]
Holiday Gifts {#FirstName#}, to say thx for being a client, I have a [Gift] for you. Stop by [Address] to get it! - [Realtor Name]
Referral Promotions Hi, {#FirstName#}! Refer a friend to [Agency Name] and get [Offer] Use this link: [Shortened Link]
Polls {#FirstName#}, we want your vote: [Question] [Several Options]
Agency Coordination {#FirstName#}!, we’re having [Meeting Details] [Date, Time] [Location]. Thx for being part of the [Agency Name] team!
Birthday & Home Sale Anniversaries {#FirstName#}, you’ve been in your home for [Time]. Congrats! To celebrate, [Offer] Have a great day! - [Realtor Name]
Contests Contest Time, {#FirstName#}! [Contest Details] Winner announced here: [Shortened Link]
Review Requests {#FirstName#}, thx for [Buying/Selling] your home thru [Agency Name]! We’re honored you chose us. Would you mind leaving us a review @ [Shortened Link]? THANKS!

Running Text Marketing Plays is EZ with EZ Texting

Pulling from this set of text marketing plays can give you the confidence you need to launch and build your text marketing system and reach new heights. And once you have some campaigns in mind, you’ll want to test out a text marketing service that can deliver the tools you need at the right price.

We know how busy you are, so we’ve worked hard to make our platform as easy-to-use as possible. And, just like you, we know how important it is to talk to someone on the phone to get advice. Our real estate text marketing experts are ready and eager to help you get started on the right foot. Just contact us.

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  3. Choose and promote keywords. Reserve a few branded keywords which you’ll use to promote your text marketing lists. Then use those keywords and incentives everywhere possible to grow your contact list.

  4. Start text marketing. Take the campaign ideas above, customize them for your business, and start growing your agency!